Season 7!

So season 7 starts up January 14th and it is back in New York. I have to say I am glad of that! I hope righ off the bat there is some designer I can feel strongly about. That way I can really get worked up over poor judgings!

So is anyone out there interested in paperdoll Project Runway? Also... JoAnn fabric stores have so many PR inspired things. It's crazy!

Finale Part 2

I liked Carol Hannah's line the best. Great pieces. I'd wear them all.
I liked Althea's the least. Her looks didn't really do it for me and some of them looked cheap.
Poor Tim Gunn was about to lose it back stage...darn designers stressing him out.

Was that guest judge's hair wacky or what? Did Ben Stiller jizz in it or something?

Finale Part 1

I feel so bad for Carol Hannah.

I also wanna slap the shit out of Althea.

Plus - Tim Gunn making biscuits was the cutest thing!

For the win

So it's been obvious for a while that the guys aren't going to finish in the top. So Irina or Althea for the win? I'm leaning towards Irina, but it's a tough call.

By the way, that "Greece" outfit last week was horrendous and so was that model.

Movie Challenge

I was really looking forward to this challenge. I mean a lot!! I thought that there was a weirdness to this challenge because I don't think it was well explained, were they making a costume or was it to be an outfit inspired by the movie style costumes? Ma and I argued about it all night and even until today. I still feel it was to be an outfit inspired by it but hey... that's me.

That said Christopher and Epperson were my favorites but my fav model was Tanisha, she really was super film noir to walk out and dab her eyes and to not do that stomping runway model walk but this gliding sashay like she just entered a private dick's office to ak him to find her missing husband only to have eventually have it come out she killed him herself!!! Anyway. I thought the one that won was not that amazing. It was ok, but his story was seriously all over the place, he chose sci-fi but it went totally fantasy!! And that's wrong. Also I can't believe they colored that poor model's hair with dried shampoo and sugar... Christopher's was not so far gone to the costume that it couldn't be in a regular collection and that top would have looked good even with jeans.

Epperson was really good because he didn't get to have any choice about what he had to make for and he really went balls out on it. Especially since western isn't very female friendly outside of school marms and showgirls. Logan's is up there just because I liked that he had battle damage. That really made me laugh that he thought about having blood and wounds!!!

Who was your favorite?

and Read all over...

So I finally liked a challenge! I like things that push people to be a bit more creative. Lots of cool stuff. I'm surprised Gordana was in the bottom...I thought her's looked very well put together and cute. That was really douchy of Nicholas to call out Johnny, but at the same time, "It was very Dior" WTF. What a lame-o. It was so funny in the end how Tim Gunn came in and immediately sent Johnny away so that he could talk crap about him. He never does that! He's usually sympathetic and huggy. Hilarious. <3